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The Old 3 - Way - 08.17.05
submitter: Cactus_Creep
location:Vista, Ca.
It was really Fowl!
category:People Keepin it Real


wim commented on 01.12.12
never never never nnever are we going to find out her name, a shame, but a good ine in the old way

Rebecca commented on 09.25.05
No but it should have.

Smart Set commented on 09.25.05
Rebecca, I suppose it has entered local folklore as the "Peppermint Twister"...

DVD Dan commented on 09.25.05
Correction: (apparently my local towns history books plays fast and loose with meteorological terms) There has not been a recorded Hurricane in SoCal. In 1939 we had a Freak Tropical Storm that destroyed one pier and damaged another here in Orange County. Not to say we couldn't get one it would just take perfect conditions.

Rebecca commented on 09.25.05
Years ago we had a really stormy winter here. A small tornado hit a tea packing plant on the west side of town and for a long time afterwards, the entire west side smelled like peppermint.

Rebecca commented on 09.24.05
I actually just saw a couple last week on the Intellicast Pacific Loop. They spurned LA for Hawaii though.

DVD Dan commented on 09.24.05
Southern California has had a few. I think the last was in the 50's. We mostly get some totally bitchin sets dude, from Mexican Hurricanes far to the South. The ocean is just too damn cold to support them.

Rebecca commented on 09.24.05
No but we get tons of rain and the occasional tornado.

Smart Set commented on 09.24.05
Do you ever get hurricanes in California?

ART commented on 09.23.05
life can be beautifull : another competator for the miss matt title...what's her name?

F.B.I. commented on 09.20.05
The cargo bin behind you my have the owners missing exwife in it. We are investigating.

Eva commented on 09.19.05
That's basically an AMAZING PHOTO