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Triple Decker Sandwich - 08.09.05
submitter: Valerie
location:Long Island, NY
Looks almost good enough to eat..
category:Seen Worse


wim commented on 08.07.11
I toldhat story yesterday, after passing his daughter's house

wim commented on 06.19.11
I know a story about a man named the double decker, having to marry twice within a very short time his wife to be and his mother-in-law to be

Smart Set commented on 09.13.05
I can't, I'm already holding the camera!

Chaf commented on 09.13.05
I agree, just a regular sandwich. Hold the mayo!

Smart Set commented on 09.13.05
But is it strictly speaking a triple-decker? You could argue that the blue mattress is the filling, making it just a bog-standard (or regular) sandwich. Discuss.