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Frozen Soda Head - 08.07.05
submitter: watermelonpunch
location:Dickson City, Pennsylvania, USA
napping in a parking lot
category:People Keepin it Real


wim commented on 05.25.11
I like that sleeper, no watch

Frozensodahead commented on 09.19.05
BTW I don't think 8531 is out of my league. In fact anyone got an email 4 her LOL. NO FEAR DAN Please!!!!

Frozensodahead commented on 09.19.05
Thanks for the comment UNIXFUDOTNET but I can go 120 if I have to.

watermelonpunch commented on 09.18.05
Hmmm, yeah, it doesn't look like there's much frozen soda head would have to teach #8531, the bottom of this photo just can't measure up to that, I'm afraid. Looks like there may have been dangerous stunts involved in that one... I wouldn't be surprised if laws were broken either. haha

DVD Dan commented on 09.18.05
Well she (#8531) and he have something in common, though I fear she might be out of Mr Frozen Soda Head's league.

unixfudotnet commented on 09.17.05
if you are 90lbs and willing, please give him a home. oh and female applicants only need apply.

watermelonpunch commented on 09.17.05
I think it was a door... frozen soda head was doing some home improvement shopping at the time. And he wasn't being transported anywhere, the truck never moved while the driver was in the back, that's for sure ............. NO LAWS WERE BROKEN AND NO DANGEROUS STUNTS WERE PERFORMED IN THE MAKING OF THIS STREETMATTRESS PHOTO

kookachoo commented on 09.17.05
what is under the mattress? I hope the guy wasn't traveling far like that!

watermelonpunch commented on 09.17.05
I don't know, smushy face soda head, someone can own 3 houses and still be homeless sorry dvd dan, I don't have any "details" really - I'm just the photographer I am only vaguely acquainted with the human subject, & I most definitely am NOT acquainted with the actual subject of this photo. haha (there's only one mattress I'm acquainted with, and you won't see it on this web site! hehe) maybe Marie & Spuds are onto something... I wonder if there's a - that might be more apt as caption.. though I guess a teacher of that type would be something of an oxymoron, since they'd have little to impart. haha anyway the most info you're going to get would be at: thanks, I'll be here all week heh-heh

Spuds commented on 09.16.05
A teacher having sex and a BUM look alot alike to me!!!

Frozensodahead commented on 09.16.05
I am not homeless, Actually have 3 homes. so there. hahaha. Besides I think I look good laying there in the sun. If you so feel inclined to ask, I can be reached by email yes that is a real email address.

DVD Dan commented on 09.14.05
Come on Chloé, we need details!

Marie commented on 09.13.05
Why? is he homeless? And who is that pointing?

Frozensodahead commented on 09.13.05
I can be reached for comment at