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Stealth - 07.09.05
submitter: Cactus_Creep
location:Carlsbad, Ca
Stealthly but my matdar picked it up right away
category:Mats on da Move


wim commented on 07.10.11
I once had to count bicycles in Lincoln, where I had to think tank

ART commented on 08.10.05
Lincoln...something you won't find very often around here...I like the American bigness of cars and engines but Europe isn't adopted to that (parkingspaces, gasolineprices, roadtaxes)

Cactus_Creep commented on 08.09.05
Not really.......I just bought these two cars for somthing to do.....LoL they are both real nice and I got them cheap!

Smart Set commented on 08.09.05
You specialise in Lincolns?

Cactus_Creep commented on 08.09.05
I have a 1965 Continental that I'm working on right now. it's my latest project.

Smart Set commented on 08.09.05
I used to have a gold '67 Continental.

Cactus_Creep commented on 08.09.05
Yea a 1978 Lincoln Mark IV...........

Chaf commented on 08.08.05
Are you driving a Lincoln?