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Road Trippin - 04.14.05
submitter: spoon
location:I-79 South outside Pittsburgh, PA
This jagoff cut me off a few times but since he had a mattress in the back I cut him some slack. I didn't run him off the road until later. Mattress broke his fall.
category:Mats on da Move


wim commented on 05.06.05
so you could not wait to be cut of once more and take a closer shot

Rebecca commented on 05.06.05
I had to look it up myself. Apparently it's more midwestern slang I guess.

spoon commented on 05.06.05
from - One who jags around. Jerk. Introduced to the world by Michael Keaton on David Letterman

psychobabble commented on 05.04.05
Is 'jagoff' a variation of 'jerkin off' or have I missed something?

Smart Set commented on 05.03.05
Good work, spoon. I think he got off lightly.