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Mat 2 (Woo Hoo!) - 02.21.05
submitter: Smart Set
location:West Acton, London, UK
This was the second mat of the day, and a real corker.
category:*Mattress de Milo*


wim commented on 01.03.11
I like this picture, thought I had commented on it years ago, but no, good mdM, she follows the pattern of the matt

zidan farhat commented on 03.04.08
if you need some one to go and pick up your matress that you dont need from your house please feel free to contact me at 2013758568... containers and trailer hotels big amounts of mattress that you need to junk..

jim commented on 09.28.07
I like banjos

jim commented on 09.28.07
wots wrong with a banjo?

Rebecca commented on 04.06.05
Hmm. I see the two as more synonymous but whatever.

Smart Set commented on 04.06.05
I think "cool" is a matter of personal judgement and just means you like something, whereas "hip" is a term which means "at the cutting edge of fashion/style". So you may think the banjo is cool, but it ain't hip, and probably never will be.

Rebecca commented on 04.06.05
What's the difference?

Smart Set commented on 04.06.05
Cool, maybe...but hip?!

Rebecca commented on 04.06.05
I disagree, I think the banjo is cool.

Smart Set commented on 04.06.05
Unfortunately, FOD, (and it pains me to say this) whatever Hipness Quotient points you accrue with your Converses are cancelled out by your banjo and uke.

Smart Set commented on 04.06.05
It certainly does, FOD. I've got the red and yellow flames.

FOD40UK commented on 04.06.05
Hey, I've got some chuck taylors(blue flames!)does that mean I'm hip?!

Smart Set commented on 03.23.05
They are. She'll be so pleased you (wet)spotted that.

Wetspot commented on 03.23.05
Great Shot!..are those chuck taylors?

Smart Set commented on 03.23.05
That's probably because this was the umpteenth jump. Yes, anything for a good cause.

Kevin37uk commented on 03.23.05
Her legs look unnaturally bent at the knees, ouch! I hope it didn't hurt too much. Obviously many sacrifices are made in the persuit of mattresses.

Maarten commented on 03.20.05
Boy the tights certainly liven up the Shot.Great shot.

Smart Set commented on 03.13.05
Very good. There was no school that day. Half-term? Training day? Can't remember.

psychobabble commented on 03.12.05
'Skipping' school?

Smart Set commented on 03.12.05
The shot was taken at 12.45pm. Vogon got there two days earlier.

Vogon3 commented on 03.12.05
i probably took mine earlier in the week PB

psychobabble commented on 03.12.05
...and where did she learn the art of levitation?

psychobabble commented on 03.12.05
I took mine early morning and it was dull and overcast (hence the enhancement) V3s was obviously later in the day with clear blue skies - just when I was at the Greenford dump) when were you and your athletic pointress out?

Smart Set commented on 03.12.05
Thanks. The mattress was out standing, pb - my pointress was outjumping! Your effort was not feeble - I initially took one from the identical spot in the middle of the road.

FOD40UK commented on 03.12.05
I like it!

psychobabble commented on 03.12.05
outstanding - puts my feeble cropped effort to shame Nice one, SS!

Smart Set commented on 03.12.05
My memory card was hearly full of failed attempts. The digital camera's shutter delay makes things tricky.

DVD Dan commented on 03.12.05
Sweet! How many takes did it take?