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Guarded! - 09.03.02
submitter: matthew james brown
location:Noble Street, Anglesea, Vic.
Back in Anglesea for a weekend earlier this year, I couldn't resist this oppourtunity - who can????
category:*Mattress de Milo*


wim commented on 01.26.08
so you happened to pass and then there was this man standing on a mattress, waiting for lift off? no wonder mjb left us, he got beamed up

Roger Fernando commented on 09.16.04
Its a good thing the springs didn't get stuck into your feet!

Deano commented on 12.05.02
No feet?

Pablo commented on 09.08.02
Another of those perpendicular mattress pointers!

matthew commented on 09.05.02
it's me, silly!

ChristineL commented on 09.03.02
Matthew--did you just drive past this guy on the mattress? I think you've just seen your guardian angel.