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Moving - 01.11.05
submitter: Rebeccas Sister
location:Santa Cruz, CA
My sister's neighbors are always so friendly.
category:Mats on da Move


wim commented on 10.29.10
beware of people with white socks and large trousers

Rebecca commented on 01.20.05
Okay maybe it just seemed 5 times larger. But it was big, no doubt about that. Really big.

Smart Set commented on 01.20.05
5 times larger?! Some plumber!

Rebecca commented on 01.20.05
Well, that guy probably works in some type of trade and has those boxes full of tools and whatnot. I once drove a truck like that only about 5 times larger, and it belonged to a plumber.

Smart Set commented on 01.20.05
I've never seen a truck like that before. What's it for, apart from mattress transport?

ChristineLarsen commented on 01.19.05
Um, I don't think that's a wave he's giving you.