mattress counter
Graffiti Busters - 08.18.02
submitter: P. Mills
location:Seattle, WA
"Hey, let's paint over this graffiti."
"Ugh, that would take too long. Let's just cover it with a mattress."


wim commented on 12.25.07
sometimes there is more in favour

Pablo commented on 08.18.02
Extra terestrial mattresses have been contacting me for years--they leave graffiti like this all over the city--just for me.

pmills commented on 08.18.02
which means...mattresses might be trying to communicate with each other, perhaps sending out warnings about us camera people. i will try to decode the graffiti.

pmills commented on 08.18.02
wow, i think you might be right! the mattress was probably caught in the act and simply played possum.

Rebecca commented on 08.18.02
I think the mattress did the graffiti. Did you check inside that tear in the corner for a spray paint can?