mattress counter
drowned - 11.14.04
submitter: nigel
location:river wandle london
the wettest mattress ever?
category:The Untouchables!


wim commented on 09.09.10
king kong's hand and the girls whatever

Willy commented on 02.27.07
This mattress has become so soggy, if anybody ever dredged it out of the river and put it on the rover bank, it would take several years to dry out!!! Even then, someone would need to turn it over every week or two so that both sides can dry out. It would probably be better to leave it in the river and in a year or two, Mother Nature will have stripped the mattress down to it's springs.

ian commented on 11.20.04
with spotting skills like this, u should be able to grab some river corpses

noel commented on 11.18.04
reptillian? mammal? cold blouded? Just wait till discovery channel catch on to this one

ChristineLarsen commented on 11.17.04
Has anyone ever been able to capture a picture of this before? Amazing!

Vogon3 commented on 11.16.04
They apparently ony have to surface every 40 mins to survive

Pablo commented on 11.16.04
what a beauty Nigel.