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An Upright Mattress - 11.08.04
submitter: noonan
location:Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY
A whole lot of brown happening in this photo.


noel commented on 11.11.04
i agree with Wim

wim commented on 11.11.04
very "de milo"

Vogon3 commented on 11.10.04
Its like the mat is reflecting all the light from the hall onto the building a milo from me

noonan commented on 11.10.04
Looks like "The Man" is keeping me down again......oh wait, I AM "The Man". I find the lack of finger pointing unexceptable. My camera is so darn big its hard to hold with one hand.

MattiR commented on 11.10.04
I demand a recount!

Rebecca commented on 11.10.04
I like it quite a bit. It looks like drawbridge to the house. And then above it there are pairs of telephone receivers. Oveall a strangely symbolic and looming feel to it, which deserves an upgrade.

Adam commented on 11.10.04
That looks like a de milo to me. Anyone Agree?