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Cool Ride - 08.07.02
submitter: P. Mills
location:Seattle, WA
Ugh, terrible photo of the mattress. I quickly snapped a shot while passing them, hoping not to be seen. But I think the coolness of the car makes it worth posting. The mattress is cruisin' in style!
category:Mats on da Move


wim commented on 11.04.07
one arm too many

Kathy commented on 08.24.02
the front is like a car the back is like a truck, the front you use to drive the back you use to ...

Chrissie commented on 08.12.02
now, if only that were a jacket slung over the mans shoulder, instead of a bookbag, this man, his ride, AND his mattress just look "smoooooth" commented on 08.07.02
Totally worth posting!