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Chinese Fire Drill - 09.26.04
submitter: tikifish
location:King and Yonge, Toronto
I overherd these guys betting each other they could tie down this mattress and be on their way before the light changed.
category:*Mattress de Milo*


DVD Dan commented on 08.26.08
I guess there really are few business district opportunities or did tikifish just want to retire as the undisputed Queen of the de Milo?

wim commented on 10.17.04
silly me, yours was in new york, this is canada

wim commented on 10.17.04
they do look similar, morning disease and chinese fire drill, but so do we

ART-chitect commented on 09.29.04
may I proudly say that one off the few skyscrapers shots are mine? and I am from Belgium ;-), look at "morning disease" and you'll see my point

tikifish commented on 09.28.04
There are very few mattress shots with skyscrapers, so I am proud to have caught this one! Moving from a residential to a business district has dampened my mattress sighting opportunities..

ART-chitect commented on 09.28.04
no way!!! I was this close to overstep you and now you back?............welcome ;-)