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Ouch - 07.31.02
submitter: P. Mills
location:Seattle, WA
This is the first time I was nervous taking a mattress photo. I snapped this photo knowing that the driver was still in the parked truck. I think he saw me in his rear view mirror. I left the parking lot for a little bit and the driver got out and went into the store. I returned to get a better photo but then a moving truck, possibly the driver's buddies, pulled up and I got nervous again and fled. It was only when trying to take the second photo did I realize that there was a third mattress on top, and it's seems to be tied down pretty hard.
category:Mats on da Move


wim commented on 10.27.07
even I did not spot the #3 matt on top at first

Jay Bale commented on 02.08.04
I hope this dude does not try a couch!

Chrissie commented on 08.12.02
the riskly line of work known as mattress photography...