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Ambush - 07.26.04
submitter: Rebeccas Sister
location:Santa Cruz, CA
There really truly is a mattress on the back of that truck, and she snuck through the bushes to get it like a true mattress hunter.
category:Mats on da Move


nigel commented on 01.23.05
now that is along one

noel commented on 07.27.04
what worries me most is that i seem to count 4 knuckles excluding the pointing digit, which would add up to five fingers and a thumb?

Rebecca commented on 07.27.04
I'm just horrified that I overlooked the apostrophe...oh, the shame! I hope the Apostrophe Protection Society doesn't come after me.

wim commented on 07.26.04
djee sis, you've got a long one, but yippee, a ntor