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Coming to take them away - 07.15.04
submitter: Erin
location:Montreal, rue Milton
This is by far the ugliest mat I've seen. I can't say exactly why, but it's creeped me out every day going to school.


wim commented on 05.15.10
so nbow erin is a lovely young woman of 28 having the time of her life

noel commented on 07.28.04
nipped of for a packet o fags, never to be seen again

FOD40UK commented on 07.28.04
It must be the wiggly vertical lines,they are quite upsetting,enough to give anyone the eebie-jeebies!Doesn't that big earthmover look a little out of place in the city!? I wonder if its his daily ride ("Just off to the shops dear,for a pint of milk!")

Erin commented on 07.28.04
Learning. I am, for the record, a lovely 22 year old girl from Milwaukee, living the good life in Montreal.

noel commented on 07.27.04
working or learning?