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On The Right Track - 04.18.04
submitter: tikifish
location:Front and Spadina, CN Railways
I never find streetmattress anymore since moving to a non-residentail area, but I found this lovely foam fella while out for a walk the other day.
category:*Mattress de Milo*


wim commented on 04.29.04
Tiki, I admire your daring skills even more than your multitude of de milo's

tikifish commented on 04.28.04
Yes, it is actually a twin size, it just looks tiny next to the tracks - the size is deceptive here! These are the main railway lines in and out of Toronto, not some piddly little subway tracks.

wim commented on 04.22.04
is it the squarish thing taking a suntan just outsid the shades ? You stay the numero uno de milo

FOD40UK commented on 04.21.04
Nice to see you back Tiki'old girl!I always enjoy a browse through your showcase(44 de Milo's must be a record!?)sometimes its the sheer artistic quality,and not the quantity that matters.Tho' after a weeks hunting without a sniff of a matt,any old futon would do me right now.

FOD40UK commented on 04.21.04

Rebecca commented on 04.21.04
Hooray! It's nice and desolate too.