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Afterlight - 03.17.04
submitter: Rotten Scalyfish
location:Bellingham, Wa, USA
There's a time between sundown and nightfall that brings an intensly colored sky.
category:Seen Worse


wim commented on 03.18.04
I feel rotten, as in Shakespeare, "there is something rutten in the state of Denmark" or ought it be "something scalyfish in the state of Denmark"?

DVD Dan commented on 03.18.04
Knock it off you two. Don't make me come back there!

Rebecca commented on 03.18.04
No no, not you. I mean, I see it now...spell much?

Rotten Scalyfish commented on 03.18.04
Did all of this come from a typographically skipped 'e'?

J-Nimbochromis polystigma commented on 03.18.04
Sorry Wim, your spelling is fine.

R Procyon lotor commented on 03.17.04
I live to climb in the cobalt sky.

J Lemur commented on 03.17.04
OK, you got me..

R-Kappa commented on 03.17.04
Spell much?

J-Kinkachu commented on 03.17.04

Rebecca Cat commented on 03.17.04
Hey, just look at the pretty picture why dontcha

Jeff Dog commented on 03.17.04
Yeah, what's it to you??

Rebecca commented on 03.17.04
Not you, sorry.

Rebecca commented on 03.17.04
Grammar much?

Jeff commented on 03.17.04
Spell much?

wim commented on 03.17.04
How do you do it? Filters?