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British Airways TV Mattress One - 02.26.04
submitter: Salinger
location:Time Square, New York, USA
Whilst browsing through the M & C Saatchi website (they're an advertising agency), I decided to have a look at some of the adverts they've made for their clients. Imagine my joy when I was greeted by this British Airwaves advert.
category:streetmattress in media


ChristineLarsen commented on 02.28.04
NICE find, Sal baby. Look--they even have their own nightstand and lamp! With a few Valium, I could sleep there for hours.

DVD Dan commented on 02.28.04
Now that's the way to travel overseas. Now if I could just win the lottery.

Rebecca commented on 02.28.04
p.s. I would never stage a mattress shot and you know it.

Rebecca commented on 02.28.04
Did you watch the video? My bed is just fine actually. I need to spend more time there.

wim commented on 02.28.04
how do you know it is a guy Rebecca ? Ans what is wrong with your bed ? Don't tell me you travel around with a spare mattress, just to shoot pictures, with our without your lovely sister.

Rebecca commented on 02.28.04
Cool! I wanna be like that guy with a truly flat bed.