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Shady Twins - 01.01.15
submitter: Obscura
location:Houston, TX
Someone had dumped this twin set about a quarter mile from the entrance to the dump. A man on a riding mower chased me!
category:Seen Worse


wim commented on 01.05.15
Hi Adam, alive and kicking? Do you live in NY by any chance? Or do you know lawyers over there? I just need a simple advice. Perhaps EZ can help, but I fear Monticello is too far away from the city.

Adam commented on 01.05.15
Fixed. Just submit using the old email address in future and you won't have this problem.

Obscura commented on 01.05.15
It's still me. I need help moving these two mats to my old account.

wim commented on 01.04.15
I recognise the style of the old Texan Obscura

wim commented on 01.04.15
is that obscura the new version?