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happy easter - 03.30.02
submitter: michael
location:frankfurt germany
is this the right place to hide the easter eggs ?
category:*Mattress de Milo*


wim commented on 04.07.07
little buurman is enjoying his new step. He makes me jalous, as I still have dreams about Lisette van Leon van Jules trottinette. After all those years. But Ziggy says "step" not "trottinette". I hope they have good weather to go and search tomorrow morning.

Jaak Graaf van Stokkem commented on 04.07.07
They are still half way France, bad wind conditions, I hope they get here tomorrow morning. See BUURMANS garden.

Chaf commented on 04.07.07
My favorite is the traditional Monday Easter Egg salad sandwich.

wim commented on 04.07.07
bring me some, Jaak

Jaak Graaf van Stokkem commented on 04.07.07
I love hardboiled easter eggs.

wim commented on 04.07.07
Thanks Chaf, even a nonbeliever needs happiness, on whatever day. I believe in humanity and mankind, and kind men, an of course in bunnies bringing hardboiled eggs to hardboiled people without any belief

Chaf commented on 04.06.07
Happy Easter everybody! (if your a believer)

wim commented on 04.06.07
it is eastern in a couple of days commented on 03.31.02
That couldn't have been placed outside looking so cute like that!! Cute touch though