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On the way to the Park - 02.12.12
submitter: Nigel Wilson
location:New York
I had just bought a new pink hangbag and couldnt resist getting my photo taken with this base and mattress combination.
category:People Keepin it Real


wim commented on 02.13.12
don't you see, ss, it can only hang. as long as a woman does not get her hand inside it is a safe bag, like a safe

Smart Set commented on 02.12.12
Nigel, you are gorgeous. But hand on a moment - what's a hangbag?

wim commented on 02.12.12
I hope you share more than weekend with her

nigel wilson commented on 02.12.12
It's my weekend look :-)

wim commented on 02.12.12
he sure does, in my early dreams SS looked like this, nice young woman, makes me feel old

Horse commented on 02.12.12
Nigel, you look a lot different to how I expected.