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Nothing really mattress - 07.06.11
submitter: Pablo
location:Email land
Well I thought it was amusing.
category:streetmattress in media


Pablo commented on 07.16.11
Ahh. Thank you-very good Wim.

wim commented on 07.10.11
it turned in to 664 the moment I wrote

wim commented on 07.10.11
hoi pablo, the moment I made this comment, the gap between the pictures that I commented was 905, probably on one side 9160 and on the other side 10065; at the same time there are 905 matts missing, however, I don't know how many submissians are missing in the gap, nor how many submissions are mine, nor how many have been commented before as I like to sail through the submissions, also I don't know at what average rate I can comment, nor how many new submissions will show up while I am on a holliday without laptop, or while I have too much work to do, hence it is difficult to calculate when I will have reached a point where I'll have seen all the mattresses, I reckon somewhere in august but probably it wll be september, finally I would like to have it done on mattress 25000, meaning after 665 submissions

Pablo commented on 07.09.11
Yes that is the one Wim.

wim commented on 07.08.11
Hi Pablo, what are you referring to with "first missive"? the comment underneath your comment?

Pablo commented on 07.07.11
Wim!!Nice to hear from you--thank you for the comments although I am sorry I do not understand your first missive.

wim commented on 07.06.11
the actual difference equals the number of missing submissions, 905, from now on, both theories are false, meaning that if I continue on a regular basis it would be somewhere in august, bust as I am going for a holliday with donkeys once again it will probably be september

wim commented on 07.06.11
after four years pablo! writing is really fantastic