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Casa Loma futon - 05.22.11
submitter: Erin
location:Toronto, Ontario, Canada
I used to submit to this site, like, five years ago, and when I saw this futon at one of Toronto's biggest tourist attractions, I couldn't resist.
category:Seen Worse


Smart Set commented on 05.25.11
Hey, Toronto, that's where our glorious leader Robert Kershaw is from (I think).

wim commented on 05.24.11
if they are canadian, there have to be nice specimen

Erin commented on 05.24.11
Aw, thanks guys. I've changed cities too, so hopefully I'll be able to submit some new views :)

Smart Set commented on 05.23.11
It's seven years. Please submit some more. SM needs YOU.

wim commented on 05.23.11
if you would sumit 3 more, you'ld have your century, erin

wim commented on 05.23.11
perhaps there will be big festivities for its 100th year

wim commented on 05.22.11
damn right, waiting in front of the big oven, a great ntor, welcome back Erin