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Flowers Story 2 - 08.18.03
submitter: Christel
location:East Lansing, Michigan
Just another flowered mattress and one difference compared to the Europe : I don't think that we have (at least in Belgium) this kind of hollow mattresses. We can also have springs inside our mattresses, but there is always another synthetic (for instance) substance in complement.
category:Dumpster Divers


wim commented on 08.25.03
that's a very good reason.

Rebecca commented on 08.24.03
Oh, well, I was not alone....

wim commented on 08.24.03
why move ?

Rebecca commented on 08.23.03
All the air mattresses I've ever been on were quite noisy. They squeak, unless you hold very still. Maybe those were just the cheap ones, I don't know.

Christel commented on 08.23.03
After the water mattresses, these are air mattresses (very good for your back, i've heard)

ChristineLarsen commented on 08.19.03
I've seen some pretty barren box spring mattresses here in the U.S. I think manufacturers are hoping you think there's something worthwhile inside, but it tends just to be air.

Christel commented on 08.18.03
thank you

Adam commented on 08.18.03
Fantastic Point!