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Flowers story - 08.17.03
submitter: Christel
location:Armitage Av, Chicago, Illinois
My only mattresses from Chicago, but it is a quite good catch :-D
Just twin mattresses with nice flowers, in the american way (Wim, I know you were once wondering if it exists in Old Europe : my old mattress also had flowers or this kind of drawings, but it is in my attic and so i can't show it in here)


wim commented on 12.25.08
I wonder if she came back to her attic in beyne

Christel commented on 08.23.03
Yes or maybe a junk worker once order flowered fabric instead of the conventional plain one because he was drunk. Then they use it anyway, in order to not waste, and fired the worker. Luckily, it was springtime, so they have pretended to launch a new trend and it worked. But because the life is sometimes ironic, the worker never found a new job again.

ChristineLarsen commented on 08.19.03
Do you wonder how this trend came about? Did a mattress worker one day pop off the assembly line and say, "I think we need flowers! Flowers!" and it was so.

Rebecca commented on 08.18.03
I have learned so much here on Streetmattress - I never thought to question the presence of flowers on mattresses.