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Requiescat in Pace - 01.03.10
submitter: Frank Compernolle
location:Hamburg, Eichenlohweg
This is literally the best place for your last rest: the grid behind the mattress is the beginning of Ohlsdorf Cemetery, with its 400 hectares, the biggest in the world. With many trees and landscaped graveyards, it is beautiful in all seasons.
category:Seen Worse


wim commented on 11.11.12
ils sont dans nos coeurs

La francophonie commented on 04.11.10
Où sont les neiges d'antan?

wim commented on 01.05.10
You are the missing link

Genealogist commented on 01.05.10
You mean, Wim, you had a grand-uncle named George. Or is there a missing link?

wim commented on 01.05.10
Maarten? Vanderhaar?

wim commented on 01.05.10
georges, welcome, my father had an Onkel Georg, but not in Hamburg

Maarten commented on 01.04.10
Could be a handy defence structure in any snowball fight... or are those not allowed anymore on cemeteries?

Georges commented on 01.04.10
You really are coming around, don't you? Whose abode is it that you caught there?

wim commented on 01.03.10
Frank, Liège is a great place

wim commented on 01.03.10
Frank, it feels good to read you, even when you live next to a cemetery, you are alive and kicking, I wish you all the best in 2010