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The Fall of the Hamburg Wall on the Mattress - 11.08.09
submitter: Frank Compernolle
location:Caffamacherreihe, Hamburg, Germany
In this November month, all over Germany, people celebrate in many different ways, the fall of the Berlin wall, 20 year ago. Here, in the "Gängeviertel" in Hamburg, artists are fighting to protect a group of old houses against speculation. It is a strange but interesting place.
category:Seen Worse


wim commented on 09.28.12
menkel has nothing to worry about

wim commented on 09.27.12
life is a wall we have to pass through

wim commented on 09.21.12
frank, it seems that life is more than a non-existence

wim commented on 11.09.09
angela looked old and wrinkled under the black umbrella

Frank commented on 11.09.09
yep, on suche a historic day, the twentieth anniversary of the fall of the wall, I needed the appropriate mattress to celebrate, as I didn't have the means to invite the same people as Angela Merkel already did.

wim commented on 11.09.09
how come I am not surprised to find you in strange but interesting places, frank