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Jailed Mattress - 08.04.03
submitter: Christel
location:Sofia, Bulgaria
Look how this poor mattress seems unhappy: jailed behing a wire mesh, half emptied of its substance (actually, this pic was taken in July, but I had to wait for my film to be developed, because at this time i only had a threwable camera)
category:The Untouchables!


Christel commented on 08.04.03
You are welcome in Beyne Wim,... but which invitation? To join my young generation? And yes, this mattress reflect as well the bulgarian way of life. But at least, they have Kamenitza, the best bier i have ever tasted

wim commented on 08.04.03
do I have to go all the way to sofia to accept your invitation, or can I come to Beyne, this one really looks very unhappy, as perhaps most of the bulgarians