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The Abandoned Mattress - 08.03.03
submitter: Christel
location:Beyne-Heusay, Liège, Belgium
This his the mattress, finally let to his own fate. Nevertheless his owner was good enough to let him with his clothes, so he will be able to cope with the dark cold night
category:Seen Worse


wim commented on 08.07.03
thank anyone somewhere, as long as it is not the same guy that blesses people with pins of flags on their coats

Christel commented on 08.06.03
Off course i didn't Wim

wim commented on 08.05.03
so it is multiple use of the same mat, I hope you did not torture the poor thing

Christel commented on 08.04.03
yes, the blue one is not very usefull, just esthetical. But if you look at the preciding picture, you'll see that the mattress isn't actually white, it is another mattress's clothe

wim commented on 08.04.03
not to much clothes to be seen, probably a gala, or a pettycoat ? arab dancers ?