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take it to Scranton - 05.12.09
submitter: watermelonpunch
location:Scranton Expressway at the Providence Road Exit in Scranton Pennsylvania
this mattress was in front of me for several miles from Clarks Summit to Scranton, and he seemed to be distracted - kept veering over the road lines... probably a lot on his mind - looks like he was moving his sleeping arrangements in a hurry considering he didn't even take the mattress & box spring off the bed frame
category:Mats on da Move


wim commented on 05.21.09
sorry chloe, my wrong thinking

watermelonpunch commented on 05.15.09
Well, I like this photo better in general - as a photo. But I thought the other one was noteworthy because it was close enough so that you could see that the metal frame was on there - that the whole bed had been thrown on the back of the pickup truck AS IS! haha. It just struck me as rather odd. For one thing, most people wouldn't do that for the simple reason that it's easier to handle in pieces - to get it to the vehicle in lighter sections - the frame, the box spring, and the mattress. Not to mention that they could've positioned it better for transport.

Smart Set commented on 05.15.09
Pics of the same mattress from multiple submitters are fine, Chloe. Your two pics make a short sequence, but there are at least two four-pic sequences, one starting at matt #6661, and wims's, starting at #1807. (Matt number is at end of URL.)

watermelonpunch commented on 05.12.09
man you're stickler, wim! It's a different shot in a different town. Just because it's the same mattress... I mean what if someone else saw this same mattress & submitted a photo - should one be disqualified? haha. :)

wim commented on 05.12.09
how come this one got in twice?