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Dundas Street Mattress - 07.08.03
submitter: tikifish
location:Dundas and Bathurst, Toronto, Canada
Same night as the Bathurst Street Mattress... I almost forgot where I took this one... but a close examination of the background stores (once sober) provided the clues.


wim commented on 07.10.03
I understand now. Yes we do have them, I knew of some in old Belgian Franks everything 50 or 100 franks, I am not aware off the existance of Euroshops.

tikifish commented on 07.10.03
Europe has no Dollar Stores? Or Everything's-A-Euro Stores? Or Practically-Anything-For-A-Pound stores? Surely this phenomenon of stores where everything is (supposedly) one dollar is not just the pride of North America?

wim commented on 07.10.03
do canadins sell dollars in a Dollar Express, or is it a shop where you're Dollars leave you like on an express ? It is a chain we do not know in Europe.

tikifish commented on 07.09.03
Can't you tell that the stores are all drunk in the photo? Especially that Dollar Express! Quite the lush.

wim commented on 07.09.03
sober stores ?