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World's First Alaska Matt!? - 06.22.08
submitter: Ernesto Morrison
location:Healy, Alaska
Can it be true that this is the first matt ever documented in Alaska? I hope so. This one was captured on the road near Denali National Park.
category:Mats on da Move


Ernesto commented on 09.15.08
No McKinley, but close by : )

ChristineLarsen commented on 07.08.08
Is that Mt. McKinley?

robert k commented on 06.23.08
Inuvik matts. Same latitude different country

wim commented on 06.23.08
I thought Robert had Alaskan matts

DVD Dan commented on 06.22.08
Darn another place I have no reason to go to now ;(

robert k commented on 06.22.08
mdm for location alone, and a great pic besides

Smart Set commented on 06.22.08
Congratulations. Great pic.