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2519 - 05.23.08
submitter: Jules
location:Richmond, Virginia
Twin set


Jules commented on 06.17.08
Thanks, I definitely need to reduce the schizoid in my life, so I will take your advice.

Crazy Math Geek #1 commented on 06.03.08
Jules, just carry on using the defunct email address. The only thing is, you won't get any notification emails from streetmattress, but that's not a problem. If you start using a different address a new Jules showcase will be automatically started, splitting your submissions in a schizoid kinda way.

Jules commented on 06.03.08
oh you crazy math geeks. hey how can i change my email address here? i'm using a defunct address, but it's the one with which i started.

wim commented on 05.24.08
good thinking, the product of two primes never is a prime, but I wonder if the product of two primes plus two is one (as a rule)

Smart Set commented on 05.23.08
Well spotted!

robert k commented on 05.23.08
two doors down from #4705?

Smart Set commented on 05.23.08
It's not prime, but it's the product of 2 primes, which I think is what the bin is trying to tell us.