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Trying to hide - 06.15.03
submitter: j.ryde
location:Copenhagen SV, Denmark
-yes, i feel a bit sorry to
reveal them
category:Seen Worse


wim commented on 10.15.08
in dutch :willekeurig, onvoorspelbaar, grillig, wispelturig, onberekenbaar, nukkig

wim commented on 10.15.08
nicole, you can have my whimsical

nicole commented on 05.24.04
i wish that i could have the black one with little whimsical stuffie things on it.

kerry commented on 06.17.03
i think it's an accessory he's added to his finger on an invsible line to aid and assist in pointing

Frank commented on 06.16.03
Do you in Danemark always put arrow signs to point streetmattresses and to prevent them from awkwardly hiding themselves? Is that an example of Scandinavion social control?