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Crossroads of America - 06.11.03
submitter: Braveness
location:Cincinnati, OH (I-74 @ I-75)
Just ahead lies the crossroads of America where you are faced with the big decision... North or South. I mean, think about how tough that choice is. The delemma threw this one off the edge.
category:*Mattress de Milo*


wim commented on 10.08.08
on the other hand, this one surely is MdM, but North or South? In my memmory it was how the west was won

Kevin37uk commented on 06.12.03
I like the red streaks of the tailights, very arty.

Rebecca commented on 06.12.03
What do you call that poignant feeling of having traveled there before without having actually seen it? It embodies the long night of the American Freeway.