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The Red Car - 06.10.03
submitter: j.ryde
location:Hvidovre, Denmark
Not much to say...
category:Seen Worse


wim commented on 09.27.08
Ilk s ot y rink, refer offee nd eer nd ine nd uzo nd ava nd hampagne nut ot t ame ime

PORKO commented on 11.09.04

Gordon Moron commented on 04.27.04
I nearly ran into an ilk in Norway,or was it a moose?

Rebecca commented on 07.09.03
I went there, liked it. It's my kind of place, more or less - you must be of my ilk.

Rebecca commented on 06.13.03
Is it that bed base?

William Shakespeare commented on 06.12.03
There's something rotten in the Kingdom of Danemark.

Salinger commented on 06.12.03
go to a place called Coffee Messiah.

Rebecca commented on 06.12.03
Three for me.

Salinger commented on 06.12.03
I'm going to Seattle in 6 weeks.

Rebecca commented on 06.11.03
I thought that was an American thing, thinking that if you just speak English loud enough surely they will understand. In the meantime I've decided that maybe I'm actually from Seattle. Well the climate is similar.

Salinger commented on 06.11.03
Rebecca, that just makes you British. And if they don't understand you just say it slower and much louder.

Rebecca commented on 06.11.03
As for the tragedy of the red car, it is universal and speaks its own language.

Rebecca commented on 06.11.03
It's a funny thing but sometime a few months ago I decided that the "answer" must be that I'm actually European. The only problem is I don't speak enough languages to qualify.

Salinger commented on 06.11.03
you're becoming more European by the day!

Rebecca commented on 06.11.03
That must be why j.ryde couldn't say much about this scene of devastation.

Salinger commented on 06.11.03
Denmark is very a secretive place.

Rebecca commented on 06.11.03
Evil King of Denmark? Is that just completely random, or is there something I don't know?

Salinger commented on 06.11.03
as the evil King of Denmark's car raced towards the innocent and meek street mattress (just outside the frame), the heroic bed base threw himself in front car and in sacrificing his live, saved the day for the mattress.

tikifish commented on 06.11.03
Maybe you don't have much to say, but somebody's got a lot of explaining to do!