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8 or more! - 01.10.07
submitter: Eva
location:Savannah, GA
Sorry, it's not big trash day.
category:Seen Worse


Mattress P.I commented on 05.13.07
You Must Return on Big Trash Day.

JimmyLee commented on 05.10.07
looks to me like the portaloo looks small because it's in the foreground, the person wearing a safety jacket in the background makes the portaloo look small.

wim commented on 05.10.07
why is he dressed in a spanish flag?

Smart Set commented on 05.08.07
It was a wild guess. It looks like a British portaloo, and they are often green.

DVD Dan commented on 05.08.07
Green? what's happened to your cones and rods?

Smart Set commented on 05.08.07
Is the green thing a portable toilet for children/short people?