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wild point - 11.24.06
submitter: noel sies
location:the hague, the netherlands
this one was just waiting to be taken, it was one of those good days
category:Beside the Point


wim commented on 03.02.07
good idea, but then I only have one child, and Art does not drink, does not smoke, is not on drugs and he spends no money on cellphones.The mp3-player is something I have to check

Chaf commented on 03.02.07
Maybe you should, then your children wouldn't be spending their sunday money on cellphones, mp3-players and drugs.

wim commented on 03.02.07
we don't go to church

ART commented on 03.02.07
it's money you get from your parents every sunday so you can learn the value of money.For clothing, candy & cinema...nowadays that's for cellphones, mp3-players and drugs

Chaf commented on 03.02.07
Is it what you have left after putting some in the church collection plate?

ART commented on 03.02.07

wim commented on 03.01.07
payed each sunday

Jaak Graaf van Stokkem commented on 03.01.07
Chaf : " Pocketmoney"

Chaf commented on 03.01.07
What's sunday-money?

ART commented on 02.28.07
it has quiet some artistic value, not? I once bought a monkey like that with my sunday-money...but smaller, I couldn't afford a big one