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The Mattress that Nearly Killed Me - 04.23.03
submitter: The Digitizer
location:Surrey BC.
This picture came at a great cost. The home owner saw us taking photos as he was going out. We circled a few blocks, and coming back the other way, I saw the checker pattern on the back. I topped to photo, when the guy returned, so he thought we`d been takin` pics for ten minutes of his house. He would take our mattress explaination, and chased us out of Surrey. Sorry bud, but all we wanted was your mattress, you`ve got a crappy house anyways...
category:Seen Worse


wim commented on 12.26.12
digitizer in the dark, one more unseen, 83 out of reach

wim commented on 07.13.08
surreyalistic, almost dali