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Matress of many... - 04.23.03
submitter: The Digitizer
location:97 st. Surrey, BC.
Looks as though this mattress served to raise many children, or maybe just one filthy one...
category:The Untouchables!


wim commented on 07.13.08
I had clothes like that, in the year 2525

Wild Willy commented on 05.02.03
Grunt- Groan- Tote that Barge- Push that Bale! This street mattress has been working out at the gym for three months using the weight lifting equipment but doesn't have any more muscle to show for it! All that stain on the right side of the mattress is it's sweat from the exercise. Either that or this mattress is a home mechanic and it was trying to change the oil in the truck behind it. The oil came gushing out of the drain hole and right into the face of the mattress mechanic.