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He wants it for his Wife. - 09.28.01
submitter: Mattress P.I.
location:Oshawa Ontario
Garbage man is checking out the shape of the mattress.
It was in A one shape!
category:Mats on da Move


wim commented on 02.07.07
same city, different outfit. Rival companies?

Matilda 2000 commented on 05.13.04
Looks like it's going to eat him!

Pablo commented on 07.14.02
Pucker up big boy. commented on 02.20.02
Yes, it is a saucy truck. Look how she wears her frosted pink lipstick

anonymous commented on 12.21.01
Why is that truck waring false lips? commented on 11.06.01
god bless? god bless what??? the mattress... the truck... the garbage man? god bless????? what the hell is that supposed to mean! commented on 11.06.01
I like Ontario. Nice to see such a pic. God bless!