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Soiled - 10.01.06
submitter: Button Man
location:Portland, OR
Futon sandwich
category:Dumpster Divers


wim commented on 11.20.13
and one, one first one, for the button man, 20 submissions and a double prime, number 180, let's go for an oldie

sanjut heyhi commented on 03.08.07
Oh I forgot one more thing to say. This is my favorite mattress. It is so thick and comfy. If I were there near the dumpster I would take it home and sleep on it. So Sad.

sanjut heyhi commented on 02.22.07
hey, is that sealy posturpedic on that dumpster? My mattress is exactly like that too and it is also came from the dumpster. I picked it up because it is so comfortable with lots of stains.

floyd commented on 01.15.07
looks like this needy family needs help

wim commented on 12.22.06
with garlic sauce