mattress counter
Operation - 10.01.06
submitter: Button Man
location:Portland, OR
The patient is on the table prepped and ready for sheets and pillows
category:Seen Worse


sanjut heyhi commented on 03.08.07
wow, what a nice collection you've got there. They are all ready for their playmate. Hahaha.

button man commented on 01.04.07
Mattress chop shop is not far off, picture is back of used mattress shop, thay do tair down and recover, I asked the owner, these have an odor or other problem, this king was 'airing out' who knew ?

Man commented on 12.30.06
You sad bastards

Repo Man commented on 12.23.06
4 More mattress repoed today.

wim commented on 12.22.06
let's play school

rubberband man commented on 12.20.06
damn & i thought this was some kind of freaky mattress orgy !!!

Paco commented on 12.20.06
Looks more like a mattress chop shop...ready to tear it apart and sell it for parts.

Smart Set commented on 12.19.06
Great arrangement. Were they for sale?