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Its a Hard Job - 09.28.01
submitter: Mattress P.I.
location:Oshawa Ontario
Garbage man is sad that such a good mattress had to go to the trash.
category:Mats on da Move


Mattress P.I commented on 07.12.09
If you really want to Know what the light is , it;s the power transformer blowing up.

G.W. Bush commented on 02.08.07
It's area 51 new test, The Trash Truck Chaser.

Jaak Graaf van Stokkem commented on 02.08.07
No it ain't .. see shadow it's 14.00 and not night.

Mattress P.I. commented on 02.08.07
It's the light from the street light on the pole.

Jaak Graaf van Stokkem commented on 02.08.07
He did make some reproductions from pics, it's his flashlight. When you look good in # 149 you can see his reflection in the pic.

wim commented on 02.07.07
what is the light? a flying saucer? a UFO?