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Spike Lee's mattress - 08.21.06
submitter: Christine
location:New Orleans, LA
Imagine my glee when I saw Spike Lee and this mat on msn. Of course it leads me to wonder why Spike Lee has a mattress like this instead of one of those fancy-dancy sleep number mattress (he takes me as a 28 or so).
category:streetmattress in media


Frank commented on 01.05.11
Christine, we miss you!

ChristineLarsen commented on 11.02.06
You're right SS, glad you noticed! Here's the next verse: "Imagine my glee when I saw Spike Lee and this mat on MSN... He was sitting there starin' -- or maybe that was glarin' --but he was not happy to me."

ChristineLarsen commented on 11.02.06
Yeah I said it's a "sleep number bed" not "sleep mattress"... HA but I was close! :)

Smart Set commented on 11.01.06
"Imagine my glee when I saw Spike Lee and this mat on msn" - Christine, you're a rapper but you didn't know it!

robert k commented on 11.01.06
That's quite the promo, Select Comfort should hire you.

Chaf commented on 11.01.06
What is a Sleep Number® bed? "Unlike traditional mattresses that are made from metal coils and springs, The Sleep Number Bed by Select Comfort™ uses uniquely designed air chambers to provide a gentle cushion of support which can be easily adjusted to your preference for comfort and firmness. In addition, the Sleep Number bed allows couples to individually adjust each side of the bed to the precise comfort level each partner prefers."

Smart Set commented on 11.01.06
"Sleep mattress" is an odd name - any mattress is a sleep mattress; why not, say, "automattress"?

ChristineLarsen commented on 11.01.06
Make that two people can sleep on it and have DIFFERENT numbers. You see couples on TV, "My number is 36 while Fred here, he's a 90" and then you see Fred looking all smug behind her.

ChristineLarsen commented on 11.01.06
Wim--we have these funny mattresses here in the states that are called "sleep mattresses." You set them to a certain number and they will either go firm or soft according to the number. Two people can sleep on it and have the same number. I've never slept on one, at least not that I'll admit to, but I think the lower the number the softer the mattress?? Don't know. I'll never afford one! (Oh and yes, please do dress up--I love a man in a suit!). *wink*

Smart Set commented on 10.30.06
No need to apologise, Christine. You've misunderstood - mine hasn't appeared yet. You submitted 17 days ahead of me.

wim commented on 10.30.06
just casual, unless you want me to dress up

ChristineLarsen commented on 10.29.06
I'm sorry Smart Set for not noticing your submission! Shame on me! I always try to avoid the mattress in the media because I figure one of my fine mattress buddies have already found it, but just couldn't pass this one up. :) Where are you taking me on the 28th, wim? *smile* Should I dress up or is casual ok?

Smart Set commented on 10.18.06
I got this one too, Christine, submitted Sept 7th. Same pic but with more background.

wim commented on 10.17.06
christine, I don't understand the expression, explain, please, I cannot wait to take you on 28!!