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re cycle matt - 07.11.06
submitter: psychobabble
location:goldsmith's estate Acton
bikes to the left - but which way matts?
category:Seen Worse


Sleepeasy commented on 08.23.06
You young whippersnapper you

psychobabble commented on 08.23.06
before my time!

Smart Set commented on 08.22.06
You won't submit it for five weeks?!

wim commented on 08.22.06
thank you SS, finally found a smart matt yesterday, coincindence, but still, wait for about 10 weeks and get con-vin-ced

Smart Set commented on 08.22.06
Spot-on, wim.

wim commented on 08.22.06
gerald campion, definitly

wim commented on 08.22.06
nothing beats goodwill, I collect owls, but never on bicycles

Sleepeasy commented on 08.22.06
Me too. So I googled it, and found that he means Billy Bunter. But I don't know what he looks like. If you squint and try really hard you might see the top half of an owl's head in it: I suppose the wheels could resemble a slightly owly set of spectacles, and the pedals could be like a little beak, the handle bars and seat could be the little tufts an owl has where its ears would be if it had them. But it requires a lot of goodwill. A fine thing, goodwill.

psychobabble commented on 08.22.06
You've lost me, SS!

Smart Set commented on 08.21.06
The pictogram on the sign resembles the Fat Owl of the Remove.

wim commented on 08.21.06
straight to heaven?