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jazz matt - 06.17.06
submitter: ragnhild
location:Paris, France
Introducing the sensational Mr. Skinner
category:People Keepin it Real


DVD Dan commented on 08.07.06
Yes sir, I am.

Mr Skinner commented on 08.06.06
Hey that's me, that is! Fame at last

wim commented on 08.06.06
Dan, are you referring to The Simpsons? I like the album with blues songs. "If I would not have any bad luck, I would not have any luck at all."

DVD Dan commented on 08.06.06
Mr. Skinner is Bart and Lisa's principal. I loved the one with Lisa singing "Jazz Matt"

Smart Set commented on 08.06.06
The counter looks good at 13333. What's the jazz connection, ragnhild?

wim commented on 08.06.06
blowing his horn