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Cat lady house - 06.14.06
submitter: Melinda
This is a "Cat lady" house. I'm not sure if she leaves the mats out for all the cats or not.
But you never know.. ( I count 4 cats, but I bet there were a lot more.)
category:Cool for Cats


Melinda commented on 07.21.06
Funny thing is, one of the kitties names really is "Cat".

Smart Set commented on 07.20.06
The cats and dogs, and maybe the bunny, probably resent you for not using their names, Melinda.

Melinda commented on 07.19.06
My mom & dad has 8 cats 1 dog and a bunny. I believe 2 cats are indoors plus the dog an bunny. I like pets a lot but I have to say I don't miss having to yell out "Cat!!" "Dog!!" all the time when they get into mischief. =)

wim commented on 07.19.06
at one time, just a few months ago, we still had 7 cats, but only one insider