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Miss Worcester View - 04.18.06
submitter: color01569
location:Worcester MA
Lucky for me, the people who live here were out visiting when I took a series of pictures of their home. In fact, in April in New England, it is still a bit cold at night, around 30 degrees regularly. So this semi-private spot above the street and below the tracks has not been occupied since last October, probably. The occupants, for some reason, use a lot of personal-sized energy supplements, since there were scores of empty plastic containers scattered around. The energy supplement must have braced them for the rigors of camping out every day, since there was only a single one-pint empty liquor bottle. Visiting this site reminded me to be thankful for many things, including that I really don't know why they use so many energy supplements...


wim commented on 08.28.10
very impressionating picture btw

wim commented on 08.28.10
funny how "apercu" is correct in english, but not in french, or do I have to say not in frenÁhe

wim commented on 08.28.10
I like this way of giving a few details witrh a picture, just enough to give an "apercu" of what it is all about

James commented on 05.16.06
Very moving, thanks!